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lead for writer
Adeel Ghaziani
Need quality CONTENT WRITERS who can write content on different topics time to time.
lead for developer
Shawn Jones
Looking for someone that can create iPhone/Android apps/games. PM me if interested
lead for designer
Colourme Katy
Looking for someone to design a logo and button- send me recommendations!

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NEEDED: Graphic Designer to produce flyer/film poster. More details in link.
Calling all designers!!Need a #Designer 2 design the front cover of my upcoming #book Tweet/email if interested
I need someone that knows how to create websites and apps -- trustworthy ppl, please apply.
Looking for #ruby developer / #freelance for #redmine development, MP please
Looking for a great Jr. Copywriter who can write everything from a headline to social to TV and more. Send those books!
Looking for a good ghost writer. Please let me know pm me please.
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Every day, LeadScanr analyzes millions of tweets by using a sophisticated language processing algorithm and finds messages that contain purchase intent. The authors of these posts are potential customers (leads) for businesses that sell those products or services. We sort these leads into several industry categories to simplify your lead discovery process. All you have to do is start a conversation with your potential client.

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