About Us

LeadScanr helps connect businesses with their potential clients on social media networks.

How it works

Every day, LeadScanr analyzes millions of public social media posts. Our software uses sophisticated language processing algorithms to find social media messages that express an intention to buy a certain product or service. We call these public posts leads, because they help businesses that provide relevant products or services reach out to the author of the message. We sort these leads into several industry categories to simplify the lead discovery process. With LeadScanr, we do all the hard work for you - all you have to do is start a conversation with your potential clients.

Our main technical focus is purchase intent detection in social media data. LeadScanr’s custom software leverages natural language processing, real-time data processing and machine learning to capture, analyze and display only those leads that contain a purchase intent. With the help of our intention detection technology, we can bring businesses closer to their potential customers than ever before.

We're constantly expanding the list of industries for lead searches. If you didn’t find a suitable industry in the current list, please let us know. We will evaluate the likelihood of finding leads for the suggested industry on social media and adjust our category list accordingly.

Who we are

Our international team spans 4 countries, with team members located in 5 different cities.

Alexey Orap
Leonid Litvinenko
Aleksandr Sirach
Vasilina Vdovina
Product Manager
Vyacheslav Pytel
Sofware Engineer
Evgeniy Terpil
Data Scientist
Katerina Bobrovnik
Applied Linguist
Darina Ignatieva
Customer Success Manager

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