Our technology

LeadScanr is built using powerful Intent Intelligence Technology (IIT), which is based on an advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) stack with an added layer of artificial intelligence utilizing ML (Machine Learning). As a result, our product is incredibly powerful and very simple to use, providing users with real-time leads from Twitter without the need to set up complex search queries or manually filter the noise on the network.

While currently serving a set of predefined industries, our intent-detecting engine can be customized to uncover leads practically for any vertical. The definition of a lead varies for different businesses, so our technology can be adapted to identify all stages of consumer intent: from finding people who are already looking for specific products or services, to uncovering those who are just considering a purchase or have a latent need.

Our technology isn't limited to purchasing intent detection; we can uncover any custom audiences on Twitter based on your specific requirements, by analysing their tweets with our Intent Intelligence Technology (IIT).

If you are interested in setting up a custom lead generation project for your business, or need to uncover custom Twitter audiences for direct engagement or automatic advertising targeting, please:

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